Domain + Email

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Professional email service

The plan stated to have custom email addresses with your own domain, such as A higher quality level for your communications on the network.


  • Register or transfer your domain.
  • 25 customized email accounts.
  • Access your email from anywhere with Webmail.
  • Protection against 90% of junk mail (SPAM).

Price: 50€ /year+VAT

Domain + Email

Technical specs:


  • Includes domain registration or transfer.
  • Accepted domains: .com .net .org .es .eu .club .
  • All-in-one service, no additional fees.

DNS Servers

  • Primary and secondary servers included.
  • DNS management included.


  • 25 accounts, expandable.
  • 2 GB of space for email.
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Autoreplies.
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP and WebMail servers.
  • Anti-Spam Protection by RBL.
  • Identity Protection with SPF registers.

Web Hosting

Data transfer

  • Unlimited data transfer for email (spam not allowed).

Server and network

  • Servers in Europe (Amsterdam) with premium network routes.
  • Firewall Network Protection.
  • DDOS Network Protection.
  • 24x7 automated monitored uptime.
  • 100% Open Source Operating Systems GNU/Linux.

Technical Support

  • Technicians located in Spain.
  • Phone support included.
  • Ticketing email support.


  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Performance guarantee 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • Express Setup, your domain up and running in less than 2 hours (except. .ES .CAT and .PT).


  • 50€ /year
  • 21% VAT for EU residents not included.
  • Annual renewal.
  • Payment by direct debit, bank transfer, or credit card.